Get Traction Retail POS for smooth Selling.

Create your professional invoices easily, get paid, and track payments with Traction invoicing.

Save more time

Make getting paid a breeze. Our solution helps you save time on chasing payments
and hekps you get paid faster

Get more productive

Access capital focused on keeping your business running. Get a customised offer based on your transactions using Traction

Grow your revenue

Gain access to a range of tools including a full retail POS system, E-commerce, Invoicing, CRM, etc.

Traction Retail POS is Seamless and
convenient for your business

Ways we can help

Manange your inventory
Sell in Store and online
Handle team management, payroll and reports from our all-in one system
POS hardware make payments easy in-store or on the go.
Instant funds transfer options available

How does our Retail POS work?

Create Invoice

Create invoices professional looking invoices, customizable with your business logo

Select payment method

Choose how you want to get paid

Generate Receipt

Generate receipts when payments are confirmed

Do more than just accept payments

Track your payments

Track all payments; receive payment confirmation, reconcile sales directly from your phone.

List your products

Create an online catalogue of your products, access product information offline.

Power up your business

Access numerous business tools and features including: same day settlement, CRM, e-wallet, etc.

Do more than just accept payments

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