Stories of our happy customers who uses Traction to run their businesses.


Yaba, Lagos

“We officially launched four months ago and are still driving marketing, so everyday more people get to know Pasedena Suites.

The vision is to have more branches outside Lagos and attract business owners to Pasedena in such a way that we can even introduce them to Traction Apps for their businesses.

The Traction experience has been impressive and the one time we seemed to have a challenge with the POS in the hotel restaurant, Azeez from Traction was here early the following morning to help resolve it.”

Food Vendor

Yaba, Lagos

“I’m happy with Traction. They respond to any complaint I have quickly unlike banks I’ve used before. Even now you are talking with me to help me share my business on social media. None of my other partners have done this. I’m happy with Traction”

Drinks Vendor

“Traction listens and acts. When I reach out to them for things like paper rolls, they promise to deliver the next day and the always do so.”

Food Vendor

“With our Traction POS there is no wahala, the network is even faster than the POS we used to use. It is very fast. Sharp sharp, payment is made and we are notified on the app.”

Coffee Vendor

“The last three months have been great! Our customer base increases daily, considering we just opened in December 2020. Growth has been awesome.

We cater to middle and upper class customers mostly. Our meals are rich and sumptuous. My aspiration for Bourbon House Cafe is to have more branches in Lagos. We currently have two.

The Traction experience has been fun and the Traction POS is easy to use. It has several functions that helps my business and the inventory feature has been really helpful in keep records of stock”

Fashion Retailer

“I’ve been running my business for about a year now, and it’s going well. My wears are imported and quality so customers keep coming back. Working with Traction has been smooth and even for customers that don’t have an ATM card, we use Bank Transfer and Traction’s bank alert comes in faster than even the one from my bank.”


“The process of using Traction Terminals has been smooth. Whenever I need to reach out to Traction, the Traction Merchant Support immediately comes to my aid.”

Grocery Store

“We opened November last year and have been growing gradually. The estate is still developing so there are some slow days but business has been good in general. We are opening a new branch down the road which will be focused on wholesale. Working with Traction has been pleasant and we are definitely going to need another Traction terminal for our new branch.”

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